Gymnastics Tumbling Cheer

Big Rock Gymnastics   


LITTLE ROCKS 18 month 4 yrs co-ed (45 min a week)

PEBBLE ROCKS Kindergarten class co-ed (45 min a week)

These are advanced developmental classes, also focusing on building new skills while tightening up the ones they learned first.  It will prepare your child for other gymnastics classes.

BEGINNING BIG ROCKS (girls only)  5 - 12 yrs (1 hr a week)

This is the best class for new beginners.  We learn many basic gymnastics movements on all the apparatuses.  This class is designed to get kids moving, add strength, coordination and learn some fun tricks.  They learn routines and show them to you at the end of the season.

BOYS BIG AIR 5-12 yrs (1 hr a week)

This is an exciting class for boys wanting to learn how to flip.  It will lay a foundation for many sports like skate boarding, snow boarding, skiing, and any other flipping sport you can think of.  Also it’s great for wrestlers, football, and basket ball players.  We teach them the in’s and out’s of running, jumping, and connecting their bodies to their minds.

BEG/INT TUMBLING 5-18 yrs (1.5 hrs a week)

This class will challenge your child while adding strength and development for basic to intermediate tumbling skills.  We will focus on handstands, cartwheels, back handsprings, front handsprings and lead up progressions for flipping.   

REC CHEER 5-12 yrs (1.5 hrs a week)

This is a great class to prep your child for high school cheer.  We help girls make the team.  We recommend they be in this class at least a year before trying out for high school cheer.  Our focus involves jumps, tumbling and stunting.  A workout uniform is required and we will be doing local performances.        


Through out the year, we offer clinics on how to get specific skills.  From a Back Handspring to a kip, back walkovers on beams and fulls on floor.  Watch our facebook page for more info on schedule times and fees.


Everyone is invited to come to open gym on Thursday nights from 7:30-8:30. This is a great class for your child to work on skills that they love. This fun, laid back class will allow your child to explore the gym environment. PUBLIC WELCOME (Waiver must be signed by parent to participate.)

We offer progressive classes for all ages and ranges of abilities.  Listed are the beginning classes we offer but we have many more levels to advance to once your child is ready.  Ask about our other programs if your child is moving from another facility. 

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